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  • The feeding screw is a part of a kitchenware,example family-use grinder,meat grinder,filling machine and so on.The function of the feeding grinder is to transport the food to other reserved place.The small feeding screw is almost used for food machine.

  • The syringe is used for medical equipment which is exported to more foreigner countries.Every medical equipment needs hundred syringes,so the demand of the syringes is more.Our production capacity can reach 10000 per day which can meet our customer demand.

  • The metal cover is used for electronic cigarette which is a hotcake abroad now because the wonderful design of the cigarette.So the order quantity of the metal cover is more.

  • The small worm is made in 304 stainless steel and connect the motor to drive the drive system.

  • The mold core is obviously used in mold.So the quality of the mold depends on the precision of the mold core.

  • The sleeve is used for injection mold and made in mold steel.So it is hard to machine and the production capacity is about 80pcs per shift.