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CNC machine tool processing industry, continue to promote industrial development


With the continuous advancement of science and technology, countries around the world have realized that the use of CNC machine tools for precision machining has played a supporting role in the development of the entire industry. The development of high-end CNC machine tools to promote the development of precision machining industry.

As we all know, machine tools are the mother of industry, so CNC machine tools are also outstanding representatives of the mother of industry. It is understood that China is currently in the peak period of equipment manufacturing upgrading and the critical period of machinery industry industrial upgrade. The demand for CNC machine tools, especially high-end CNC machine tools, is increasing, and will still maintain a high growth level of more than 30%. It is expected that this growth rate will remain for many years.

Some experts in the industry said that the development of the machine tool machining industry in our country needs to be guided by market demand, based on the development of high-end CNC machine tools, the host as the leader, and the perfect support as the basis, and strive to achieve early CNC machine tool products from low-end to high-end, The transition from primary product processing to the manufacture of highly sophisticated products.


The high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment special projects will achieve a significant improvement in independent innovation capabilities, master a large number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and the overall technical level enters the international advanced ranks; "Industrialization" will be realized, and China will develop a batch of key equipment with international advanced level; the market share of high-speed, precision vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes and other products with large imports will be significantly improved.


Hope that the future machine tool industry can bring more latest equipment and cutting-edge technology to meet the growing demand for efficient processing in the manufacturing industry. The demonstration effect of leading machine tool companies has also been fully demonstrated through the platform of the Industrial Fair, which will drive the entire CNC machine tool and metal processing industry to achieve longer-term development and progress.


In fact, the current CNC precision machining industry in our country is getting closer to the international level, and even has a tendency to surpass. In Zhejiang, there have been the emergence of ultra-precision machining equipment that exceeds the international level. For an enterprise that uses CNC machine tools, we know that the quality of CNC machine tools has a great impact. Good machine tools can reduce waste, several machine tools can improve production efficiency, and good machine tools can improve the accuracy of parts processing. Good machine tools are durable and so on. Let us work hard together.