Type of CNC Machines

Shenzhen Hongchengyi Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, as a professional China Type of CNC Machines manufacturers and China Type of CNC Machines suppliers. And we are a private national high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D and production of various types of precision machined parts.

Common types of CNC machines:

According to the type of CNC machine technology
(1) Metal cutting CNC machine tools
(2) Special process CNC machine tools
(3) CNC machine tools for sheet metal stamping
二, According to the type of control movement trajectory
(1) Point control CNC machine tools
(2) Linear control CNC machine tools
(3) Contour control CNC machine tools
三, According to the characteristics of the drive device type
(1) Open-loop control CNC machine tools

(2) Closed-loop control CNC machine tools

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  • The driving shaft is made in alloy steel which is good for heat treatment.So the working life and function can be guaranteed.

  • Testing pin is made in stainless steel.As this long parts,we need to choice digital- machine to make testing pin.This machine often use in making long shaft,small turning and milling parts.

  • Process the Hardware Screw in strict accordance with customer's drawings, packaging and quality requirements. Welcome to consult the Hardware Screw at any time.

  • We have been specializing in producing Mould Parts for more than ten years. The following is an introduction to Mould Parts, I hope to help you better understand Mould Parts.

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