CNC Turning and Milling Parts

Shenzhen Hongchengyi Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, as a professional China CNC Turning and Milling Parts manufacturers and China CNC Turning and Milling Parts suppliers. And we are a private national high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D and production of various types of precision machined parts. We have over 15 years of experience in CNC Turning and Milling Parts parts. 

We offers CNC machining services including CNC turning and milling parts, we work with various kind of material such as plastic and metal parts fabrication for Short-run production or 10000+ production.

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  • The small worm is made in 304 stainless steel and connect the motor to drive the drive system.

  • These driving gear is common in our life now.All equipment need gear to drive.So you can imagine this little gear play an important role in modern industrial time.

  • The knife mold is used in mask device and the function is to shape and cut the mask.So the working life is important which is determined by parts'precision ,material and heat treatment.

  • The gear shaft is made for toys and controls the cyclic motion of one pose.The range of the motion is little,so the shape of the gear shaft is half circle.

  • The connecting base is used for eletronic cigarette and the important component.

  • The FC/APC connector is used for single mode fiber.And therefore connector must meet tolerances.The connector is made in thermally annealled Titanium.We make this part successfully with many important points.Fast spindle,temperature control,single clamping and fine machining stage.

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